Operation Pause: A Much Needed Shift of Consciousness

Something feels different in my body to not be physically standing beside my acupuncture treatment table and connecting heart to heart with my beloveds. I am hardwired to be of service. The pandemic has forced me into what I am calling “Operation Pause” and this is offering me new ways of being.

Operation Pause has allowed me to catch my breath. Ahhhhhhh

I’ve been running.

I’ve been running two practices, one in Annapolis and one on Kent Island on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

I’ve been running to catch up on emails, text messages and voice messages.

I’ve been pushed in traffic and at the grocery store.

shift in consciousness, transition coaching, wellness

Go! Go! Go! Do! Do! Do!

Family, book clubs, social engagements, HOA meetings and larger global concerns. The pace didn’t just begin March 2020. I’ve been running my entire life. Metaphorically, my life wasn’t just a few sprints and a few 50 yard dashes. It wasn’t the Marine Corps Marathon or the JFK 50 or the Leadville 100. It was the Ironman on steroids and my guess is you are nodding your head and saying, “Me too Girl!”.

And so I have welcomed ….