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Operation Pause: A Much Needed Shift of Consciousness

Something feels different in my body to not be physically standing beside my acupuncture treatment table and connecting heart to heart with my beloveds. I am hardwired to be of service. The pandemic has forced me into what I am calling “Operation Pause” and this is offering me new ways of being.

Operation Pause has allowed me to catch my breath. Ahhhhhhh

I’ve been running.

I’ve been running two practices, one in Annapolis and one on Kent Island on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

I’ve been running to catch up on emails, text messages and voice messages.

I’ve been pushed in traffic and at the grocery store.

shift in consciousness, transition coaching, wellness

Go! Go! Go! Do! Do! Do!

Family, book clubs, social engagements, HOA meetings and larger global concerns. The pace didn’t just begin March 2020. I’ve been running my entire life. Metaphorically, my life wasn’t just a few sprints and a few 50 yard dashes. It wasn’t the Marine Corps Marathon or the JFK 50 or the Leadville 100. It was the Ironman on steroids and my guess is you are nodding your head and saying, “Me too Girl!”.

And so I have welcomed ….

Operation Pause

It has not been surprising to me that we are now being faced by this challenge specifically at this time on the planet. Epidemiologists, virologists, scientists, Bill Gates and even President Bush in 2005 have been concerned about this inevitability. I’m not just surprised because people far wiser than moi have been predicting this for years but rather, I energetically sensed this was unavoidable.

shift in consciousness; transition; coaching; acupuncture

As a long time practitioner of Chinese Medicine and a keen observer of nature, I know that what goes up must come down.

Okay let’s not get side tracked and beg to differ that this holds true only in our gravitational field and perhaps not in all places in the universe.

Let’s just say that the sun only gets so high in the sky before it circles back down. Seems elementary right? If that’s the case, then what was to be, or remains to be our tipping point? What type of an event of such magnitude and global proportion, could create a collective shift in consciousness?

Do you agree that we humans need a shift in consciousness? Is our energetic trajectory sustainable? Although I love my activities and interests and am passionate about my vocation, I have known for some time that my body and soul have been aching for a time out. UNCLE! I clearly knew a shift needed to happen and yet found it almost impossible in the day to day to craft a new way of being. You too? Hard to find the balance right?

I feel inundated with climate crisis information and apocalyptic scenarios. I am personally grateful that my early life was filled with swimming in the beautiful Severn River and Chesapeake Bay at a time before pollution and overdevelopment of the land created environmental devastation. I am sad to think that my children are of the generation who experienced 9/11 at an early age and have literally lived through the Virginia Tech shooting and, tragically, a multitude of other cultural losses. As if all this short history was not enough, now we must all contend with a global pandemic. Geeze! Who is not on board that a shift in consciousness might be in order?

While all this is true, I remain hopeful and am inherently optimistic. The Earth has a tremendous capacity to heal herself and we mere mortals also have access to that healing creative juice.

Again, I am reminded of my lessons from nature, and am seeing the pendulum swing from the pandemic’s positive effects to reveal substantial gains in global environmental concerns. Although Operation Pause has posed an array of difficulties for us all - our planet seems grateful. Thank you Operation Pause. I have chosen to be grateful for this time and I pray for those who are working hard to keep us safe.

transitions; coaching; shift; pandemic; COVID

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

What’s your “Operation Pause” looking and feeling like? Please do tell. Despite the appearances of chaos and anger in the environment and on the news, my body feels calmer. (Hmmm an interesting observation I say). I am spending this time finding and removing obstacles from my life, contemplating my navel and committing to reprioritizing aspects of my existence.

I want to talk about possibilities and opportunities with you. I want to talk about the mind-body connection. I want to share with you my thoughts on transformation. Let’s talk about this sacred journey that we are on together as we spin through space at 1,000 miles an hour. Let’s talk about how to spread love and joy and the divine feminine energy.

transition coaching; life coaching; COVID; shift

What’s the new beautiful vision? What is Qi? What can we do to support recycling and Mother Earth? How is art and the creative process related to healing energy? What do you think happens after we die? What are your thoughts on Near Death Experiences?

Let’s share fascinating reads like Dr. Joe Dispenza's Becoming Supernatural - How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon, Cured by Dr. Jeffrey Reedier, and The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce H. Lipton.

I want to share my ponderings with you and perhaps together we can Co-Create what I believe is the beginning of the long awaited shift in human consciousness.

If not now… when?

peace and love


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