All You Need is Love.

It was Paul McCartney’s birthday recently. The Beatle is 78. How did that happen? His age that is!

He was Knighted in 1997 by Queen Elizabeth ll for his “service to music” and it’s been a delight listening to him serenade us about love well before then and ever since. It was a hoot to watch James Corden travel with Sir Paul through his old Liverpool haunts in Carpool Karaoke. Paul appeared relaxed, genuinely happy, greeted everyone with a “Hello, Love” and still seemed to have that…spark.

Chinese Medicine defines that glitter in the eyes, that twinkle in the gaze as “Shen". Shen is translated as “Spirit” and “Mind". It refers to that aspect of our being that presides over our consciousness. It is the energetic vitality that radiates from us as we move through our lives.

The Shen, our overarching spirit, resides in our blood and is a part of the Heart system. Cultivation of the spirit is essential for our overall health, according to Chinese Medicine. In addition, there is no separation between the health of the body, the mind, or the spirit, as all aspects are intertwined and in an ongoing and dynamic energetic relationship with each other.

What is spirit and is the Shen truly residing in the heart and blood as the ancient Chinese suggest? Mankind has had a difficult time coming to agreement as to the definition of spirit and where it might reside.

Phew. Hasn’t this been the subject of inquiry by great sages since the beginning of time?

It is fascinating to me both personally and professionally as an acupuncturist, that thousands and thousands of years ago, the ancient Chinese system of energetic medicine linked the physical heart and blood to our essential spirit and our conscious mind.