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Megan Gordon-Hall, RN

Transition Coach & Acupuncturist

Megan has been in the health care field for over 30 years. Her career began while she was a Registered Nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital, specializing in Psychiatry and Chronic Pain Management.  While practicing at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Megan began her life-long pursuit to better understand the mind-body connection. 


Later in her career, Megan held various positions as a Registered Nurse in critical care and in the field of addiction. These experiences inspired her to continue exploring effective strategies to treat the epidemic of debilitating struggles of mental health and crippling addiction in our society and the physical and spiritual toll it takes for all those involved.  


As a young mother, Megan frequently received acupuncture for stress management and general wellbeing.  She learned that the Eastern medical model of health and wellbeing has no separation between body, mind and spirit.  This approach intuitively alined with her personal philosophy and professional experience.  This personal experience motived her to go back to school and receive her Masters in Acupuncture from Maryland University of Integrative Health, formerly the Tai Sophia Institute.  Today, Megan is an accomplished nationally board certified acupuncturist. 


Repeatedly while supporting her patients and clients in these various professional capacities, Megan was told that her keen listening and remarkably insightful observations evoked within the client, profound paradigm shifts of consciousness. These “aha!” moments and gifts of awareness often resulted in spontaneous healing on the physical level, thus supporting the understanding and importance of the mind-body connection.


Megan is a healer, a coach of the heart. She knows that words, like acupuncture needles, delivered with precision and pin-point focus, can get to the root of an issue. Megan coaches clients on topics of nutrition, exercise and stress management, drawing on her years as a dedicated Registered Nurse and acupuncturist.

Megan and her family have suffered great losses and significant health challenges that furthered her great resilience and tenacity.  She is devoted to supporting these aspects within others on their journey and offers deep compassion and understanding for the trials and tribulations that befall many of us.  Megan is dedicated to rekindling the light and ease of the spirit within all of us as she shares her unique skills as a Transition Coach with the intention of creating and manifesting your highest potential.

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